Size Really Doesn’t Matter, but this Does…

Size really doesn’t matter.

If you’re a man obsessing over size, you’re wasting precious energy. You’d be better off focusing on something that actually does matter to a woman, and that’s you being able to last.

You see men often brush this off as unimportant because they believe they have no power to change it, or because they don’t understand how important it is to a woman’s sense of trust or her ability to experience the full range of her pleasure in bed.

Men often think that an orgasm is an orgasm — and so as long as you “take care of her” in other ways, penetrative orgasms don’t really matter.

This is simply not true!

A woman who isn’t having penetrative orgasms will often feel that she’s not as bonded to you, that something is missing, or that there is something wrong with her.

Additionally, lasting actually matters because a woman translates your ability and desire to endure, to mean that you love her – that your own pleasure is secondary to a profound connection with her.

And if that’s not enough, when you make the effort to learn and practice this discipline, she trusts you — really trusts you. She doesn’t have to anticipate an untimely end to lovemaking, or put her attention on your arousal state, moment-to–moment. Instead, she can focus on her own pleasure and opening to you.

Frankly, a man who has control feels powerful!  He’s not easy knocked out of the game for lack of skill. He can play as long as he likes.

If you’re a man and caught in the trap of thinking you can’t learn to last, or you’re your partner is testing you (unfairly) by wanting you to last longer, please consider a bigger way of seeing this.

She wants to know that you can love in a way that is more expanded than an orgasm, and that you can give her the pure attention she craves. This is why she wants you to last.

Check out my friend, Jim Benson’s free VIDEO on how to give a woman penetrative orgasms by learning how to last.

He has an incredible technique called The Tuning Fork to get you on your way toward your ultimate and total mastery. I love Jim Benson because he’s a high-integrity man who’s been through the pain so many men feel around this issue, and so many women too.

There’s just no reason for a man to not have the power to determine his own sexual timing, or how much pleasure he’s capable of giving a woman. This is a skill like learning to cut the grass, or fixing the lawnmower – seriously. It’s really a matter of deciding to learn it.

Get the Tuning Fork Tool Here.

Hope you find the VIDEO training empowering!