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"I reached out to Karen because I was suffering in the midst of a painful divorce and needed some way to effectively find myself again as a man."
Alex, 54
International Business Consultant
"Before I met Karen, I had a difficult time understanding exactly what it meant to create a safe and inviting “space” for my wife to connect with me. Though we were/are so compatible in so many ways, our chemistry just seemed to be lacking."
Brett, 45
"Karen has an excellent combination of qualities that makes her exceptional in her work. In addition to being very professional, she’s very intelligent, has a highly developed emotional intelligence, and brings a lot of wisdom and a deeply"
Bruce, 52
Biotech Project Manager
"I decided to work with Karen because I was at a crossroads (more of a roadblock) with regards to being in a relationship. I could get in the game but, I was paralyzed once I was there. I remember saying to her: I don’t know how to be a boyfriend! "
Carlos, 38
"I decided to work with Karen because I knew there had to be more to sex than I was experiencing with my wife. I was looking to deepen my connection and give and receive more pleasure in our lovemaking."
David, 43
"I decided to work with you, at first, because I was having trouble maintaining an erection but, with your help and on closer examination, the real issue was that I did not love myself/honor myself enough. One of the first things that I learned was that "
Ed, 52
Software Developer
"I called Karen because I felt incomplete. I felt a deep sadness and a longing for truth but most importantly, I came because I felt ready to come to my truth. I have visited a number of therapists and I have a"
Elliot, 29
Presentation Skills Trainer
"I hired Karen because I was concerned that my relationship was beyond retrieval. Beyond saving. Karen helped me access my inner strength and confidence and direction and to feel better than I have in years."
George, 39
"Your guidance, teachings, delving questions, and homework has given me perspective and tools to feel confident in what I do and who I am. I show up genuinely daily and have not lost any part of me during these busy, "
Jeff, 41
Corporate Trainer
"I had had substantial sexual issues my entire life. I could rarely get it up and didn't last if I could. With every woman I was with, this was the biggest problem in our relationship."
Peter, 44
"I reached out to Karen and her coaching because I was stuck in a cycle of empty relationships. Through our sessions, I discovered my true self and the power within me to attract a woman I love! Karen’s way if working is full of love!"
Samuel, 26
Metal Artist
"When I decided to work with Karen, I was wandering and desperate in my marriage, and in a lot of pain and confusion about why I couldn’t manifest the kind of partnership I desired. What Karen helped me do is learn how to reclaim my agency and power, not just in my marriage, but in all of my relationships."
Steve, 37
Health Management
"I hired Karen because I was searching for answers to questions about past relationships. What I found was much, much more. Since working with Karen my life has literally transformed. Before I came to Karen I was relying on trial and error"
Will, 32
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