What my Clients Have Said about Our Work Together
Brett, 45, Entrepreneur
"Before I met Karen, I had a difficult time understanding exactly what it meant to create a safe and inviting “space” for my wife to connect with me. Though we were/are so compatible in so many ways, our chemistry just seemed to be lacking. Working with Karen helped me identify some of my wife’s unique needs and helped me create a positive chemistry that has helped rekindle our relationship.

I’d recommend Karen for several reasons: because she has an intuitive wisdom that can help people improve their relationships on levels that far surpass strategies. techniques and principles. Also, because at her heart, Karen cares about those she counsels. Give her a chance, stick with her and you’ll see changes."
Steve, 37, Health Management
"When I decided to work with Karen, I was wandering and desperate in my marriage, and in a lot of pain and confusion about why I couldn’t manifest the kind of partnership I desired. What Karen helped me do is learn how to reclaim my agency and power, not just in my marriage, but in all of my relationships. I may have thought the work was somewhere out there, but the truth is it’s been about me, letting go of my old story and creating the story I want. The potential for growth and exploration I feel right now, with my wife, from our work together, is remarkable.

I would recommend Karen if you really want to challenge yourself and get to the heart of the matter, quickly. Trust that Karen doesn’t mind saying the difficult thing, and she will! If you are ready to be bold and commit to your own development, you will do very well with Karen. The good thing is you will change in a short amount of time –and that change will be good! Karen’s work is compassionate, but also incisive, and it’s helped me access a power I’d long forgotten."
David, 43, Sales
"I decided to work with Karen because I knew there had to be more to sex than I was experiencing with my wife. I was looking to deepen my connection and give and receive more pleasure in our lovemaking. I also felt I was adrift in my life and needed to make some changes.

The benefits I’ve received from working with Karen include a deeper understanding of how to be, and remain, present in the moment and this has resulted in more prolonged and much more satisfying sex. I’d recommend Karen to anyone who feels they are stuck, or to people who feel they’d like a deeper understanding of themselves and their partner. For me as a man, she’s given me valuable insights into what women want and expect – stuff your partner will never spell out so clearly for you! I’ve never been so self-aware as I am now and it’s given me a whole new level of confidence and decision-making in both my personal and professional life. Hands-down, the best money I’ve ever spent on myself."
Peter, 44, Educator
"I had had substantial sexual issues my entire life. I could rarely get it up and didn't last if I could. With every woman I was with, this was the biggest problem in our relationship.

Karen helped me see the underlying trust issues that were at the root of my problem. She also helped me get past the psychological blocks that had made sex so stressful and psychologically painful.
After working with Karen, I was actually able to enjoy sex for the first time. My blockage removed, I was able to form a functioning relationship with my (now) wife. None of this would have been possible without Karen's patient and creative work to help me find my way through this.

Karen is insightful, kind, tough, and loving. I've long ago learned not to anticipate how she'll view whatever situation is in front of me."
Carlos, 38, Musician
"I decided to work with Karen because I was at a crossroads (more of a roadblock) with regards to being in a relationship. I could get in the game but, I was paralyzed once I was there. I remember saying to her: I don’t know how to be a boyfriend! Karen was confident that she could help and once our journey began, I knew I was in the hands of a professional that loved her work.
What I discovered working with Karen was that I could reshape and re-tell my personal narrative about relationships as well as my career trajectory.

Now having worked with Karen, I can say that I’ve added many tools to my masculine arsenal. The most vital of those tools was learning how to listen. The hidden benefit is that you’ll learn to become more empathic too! I’m grateful for the guidance Karen has given me in this area.

I’d recommend working with Karen if you are interested in learning how to become a better ANYTHING! A better partner, colleague, parent, friend, whatever. Karen is a coach and a coach should hold you accountable! Karen does this in the most loving of ways. She sees that you can be what you want to be and will help you get results. Take the journey with Karen. You won’t regret it."
Ed, 52, Software Developer
"I decided to work with you, at first, because I was having trouble maintaining an erection but, with your help and on closer examination, the real issue was that I did not love myself/honor myself enough. One of the first things that I learned was that despite my fixed ideas about my parents, that they loved me and contributed some very important things to me early in my life.

I also revisited a topic that you and I had worked on many years ago: my addiction to porn and acting out what I saw in porn in my sex life. Fortunately for me, my partner made it very clear to me from the start that she wasn't having any of that. Again, working with you was all about how I wish to honor and love myself, how feeding the addiction and acting out was simply harming myself. Fast forward to today and my woman and I both report to each other that we are enjoying the best sex of our lives together. Often, it's even quite naughty and hot but all within a container of love and tenderness.

Finally, and the key insight for me, was to understand the way that I had given myself away, given my heart away, in all of my previous relationships because I felt so needy or because I felt that no one could possibly love me the way that I was. I found a way to put myself first, and, again, to honor myself and to see and know that I am enough no matter what happens in the relationship.

It has been from this position of strength that I have been able to build a beautiful relationship with the love of my life. In my work life as well, applying these understandings has made a big difference in my relationships with my co-workers and I have found the strength and resolve to define, in a firm but diplomatic way, the terms of my own work life. It's because I was willing to walk away from it all, because I deeply know that I am worthy and 'enough', that I could make important changes in my work life.

I recommend Karen wholeheartedly because she is a skilled and wise guide who will help you to see that you are good and whole and strong independently of what may or may not be going on outside of you. Once you find that place of strength and resilience inside of yourself, the external life will come into alignment."
Alex, 54, International Business Consultant
"I reached out to Karen because I was suffering in the midst of a painful divorce and needed some way to effectively find myself again as a man.

What I discovered in working with Karen is... I have always had a masculine essence that has been aching to be fully expressive in a healthy way. I rediscovered that man working with Karen.

Now having worked with Karen, over six months, I feel comfortable in my skin as a "good man," rather than as a weak "nice guy." This means that all of my talents are more available for the service of those I love and for the world.

I'd recommend Karen because she is full of empathy, a lovely woman in every way. She listens with her heart and will help you to feel safe so you can really dive deep and grow in understanding. She also has a great sense of humor. I cannot recommend her enough."
George, 39, Lawyer
"I hired Karen because I was concerned that my relationship was beyond retrieval. Beyond saving. Karen helped me access my inner strength and confidence and direction and to feel better than I have in years.

I’d recommend Karen if you’d like to take the lead in our life and your relationships."
Samuel, 26, Metal Artist
"I reached out to Karen and her coaching because I was stuck in a cycle of empty relationships. Through our sessions, I discovered my true self and the power within me to attract a woman I love! Karen’s way if working is full of love! You cannot have negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions around Karen because she washes you with love. Just being around her is intoxicating for the soul. She helped me find my true self. I would recommend Karen to anyone that wants to discover the power in who they are and find a partner."
Will, 32, Finance
"I hired Karen because I was searching for answers to questions about past relationships. What I found was much, much more. Since working with Karen my life has literally transformed. Before I came to Karen I was relying on trial and error and hoping to solve many of the aspects of my life that I found challenging through guesswork. Now I am seeing things from a whole new perspective with a healthy, fresh and practical set of ideas to guide me.

Thanks to Karen’s insightful guidance I have been able to put past demons to rest, improve all of my interpersonal relationships and find my voice. This has helped me set tangible goals and wake in the morning and look forward taking strides toward my future. I also know better how to hold space for those in my life, how to give and receive love.

Karen’s way of working is calm, soothing, beautifully concise, practical, knowledgeable, and fun! Exploring and developing myself has become a pleasure since working with Karen. I would recommend Karen to anyone who is looking to “save” or improve their love relationship, develop tools to live a better life and expand your understanding of how to hold a positive and loving space for those in your life regardless of the challenges you face! Karen is a blessing for anyone seeking to clear up confusion and get on with living a full life."
Bruce, 52, Biotech Project Manager
"Karen has an excellent combination of qualities that makes her exceptional in her work. In addition to being very professional, she’s very intelligent, has a highly developed emotional intelligence, and brings a lot of wisdom and a deeply loving quality to our sessions.

Before I met Karen, I did a lot of work “trying to understand myself.” But I had my own inner impediments to my own growth and healing that I couldn’t seem to work around. Working with Karen has helped me remove many of those blocks. I spent much of my life living in my head. Working with Karen has provided me the opportunity to encounter and work through my physical and emotional issues and fears, and to experience my own physicality and sexuality in a context where I feel totally safe and totally supported. That’s helped me to be much more physically present in all that I do, and now I’m much more comfortable with my own sexuality, and much more comfortable physically, in general. As a result of the changes I’ve been able to make in my life by working with Karen, I notice that I’m regarded and treated differently by others, in ways that I really enjoy.

Our work together has also had many other positive repercussions for me, and has set in motion things that are expanding the opportunities in my life personally, physically, sexually, romantically and even professionally. Whether you’ve worked with someone before to help you move through your physical or emotional barriers, or if you’re thinking about it for the first time, I strongly recommend that you contact Karen without hesitation to discuss how you can benefit by working with her. If you get only half the benefit I’ve gotten in my own sense of inner comfort, or in how it’s helped me in my personal, sexual and professional life, you’ll have gotten twice as much as you could with any other counselor or coach."
Jeff, 41, Corporate Trainer
"Your guidance, teachings, delving questions, and homework has given me perspective and tools to feel confident in what I do and who I am. I show up genuinely daily and have not lost any part of me during these busy, always changing times --- plus the sex is extremely fantastic! Being present has opened new heights of arousal, and longevity. Bonus!"
Elliot, 29, Presentation Skills Trainer
"I called Karen because I felt incomplete. I felt a deep sadness and a longing for truth but most importantly, I came because I felt ready to come to my truth. I have visited a number of therapists and I have a lot of great listening friend’s but Karen’s courage – honesty and guidance have brought me to some of the MOST important truths of my life.

When I came to Karen, I came to work on my forms of expression – physical, emotional, sexual – I wanted guidance and someone who was knowledgeable enough to see my process and then, help me through it. Karen has been that person. What I’ve learned from my sessions has been evident to my family AND MYSELF – I feel more open, more loving and more available for the people who I love – and who love me. I am a more patient brother, son and friend – a more passionate and attentive lover, and for the first time in my life, I feel unashamed and proud to connect with the beautiful person I am.

Her guidance has touched every corner of my life – and while it’s me doing the heavy lifting – she’s been a necessary spotter in my development. Karen’s way of working is intimate, immediate and intuitive. I recommend her because I truly believe the mark of a great teacher is that they teach you to rely on them LESS – not more. They teach you to come to your own understanding, your own truth and step aside patiently as you arrive there a few steps behind them. Karen, I will be forever grateful to you for how you touched my life and helped me come to my healing. I am stronger than I’ve ever been today – thank you for being a part of this."