Men are my terrain. I know what you need to succeed both in life and with women.

When you work with me, we're going to illuminate the ways in which you've given your power away and show you exactly how to take back and fully harness it. This will allow you to live your biggest life, and as a man!

You'll finally understand how to use your masculine power to open doors, whether to your woman's heart or anything else you crave in life. You can't afford to NOT be powerful in love with a woman. It absolutely kills attraction, desire and even love.


A powerful man inspires trust and confidence, which is essential to maintaining the turn-on and connection you want to feel in love with a woman. When you give your power away in relationships and in life, your woman knows it. She becomes hard and resistant to you, and stops wanting to be intimate.

Let me share with you how you can turn things around and feel better than you have in a long time!

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A Man Coach is your personal advocate for what you want and want to be. I help you live your best life and reach for your wildest dreams, whether that is as a lover or the creator of your destiny. I hold you accountable to your truest desires.

Man Coaching is a specialty that I have developed for how to unleash the true power in men. Why? I love powerful men! A powerful man is a better lover, he’s a better partner and a happy, whole human being. This is good for him, his lover and all of humanity.

Man Coaching is important because a man has needs that are very different from a woman’s in life and in a coaching relationship. Those needs include feeling valued and appreciated, and being challenged in all the right ways to break through barriers into your greatest potential. A man wants to be a hero for the woman he loves, for his children and in the world – driven by love, unstoppable and passionate. I help you claim this role, without having to sacrifice yourself or what matters to you.

I absolutely love men! I know this because it wasn’t always this way for me. I had a lot of issues with men from my childhood and my adult relationships – and through years of personal focus, professional studies and coaching men directly, I have come to deeply appreciate what men bring to women and to life. I have come to love men in a way that is far bigger than any personal relationship and to see powerful men as the key to a peaceful and loving world.

My deep understanding of the struggles men go through in a world that often bashes the masculine, means that I’m able to work with men in a way that is profound and highly effective. Man Coaching, for me, is about awakening the man --- to his power and his greatest potential as a human being, with an emphasis on claiming love and great sex as his birthright, without compromise.


If you're operating under a set of beliefs that are false about the woman you love – about women generally – you’re putting out a lot of energy that gives you very little return on investment.

It’s like swinging a golf club the same way over and over, only to keep landing your ball in the lake. What I know about men is that what you think creates more passion and desire does not often work for a woman.

I imagine you already know this quite well. That's why I love turning the lights up for you and showing you how to maximize your efforts, in creative, brilliant ways that make you feel terrific as a man!

I find that a 90-day commitment to yourself and our journey is a very powerful start. It gives us time and space to dive deeply into the heart of what you need to understand and to get the results you want in your love life and life in general.

Most men continue to work with me for six to nine months, or in bursts, when they feel the need to refocus. We meet once a week by phone, or if a more intensive journey is desired, twice a week.

What I have seen in my clients overall, is a magnified confidence and certainty that comes from really embracing the masculine gifts and powers that are theirs.

Men tell me our work together changes their lives— because for the first time, many of them appreciate and trust who they are and what they bring to women and the world.

It’s very powerful to finally be able to be exactly who you are and get more of what feels good to you in life and in relationship to a woman. My clients often make choices and start to follow pathways that bring them more success and more prosperity.

Let's discuss this by phone, as not all men will be a fit for my coaching – and if you are, we’ll talk about a program just for you. Coaching with me is no doubt an investment in what you most want, but my clients often say they get far more value in our work together than they pay for.

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