Open Her lays out what every woman craves and what every man can become, through 7 time-tested masculine archetypes.

Discover how each of these masculine types captivates a woman with his unique gifts and powers and how to use those powers to deliver on what a woman secretly craves in love.

Open Her is a masterclass where I divulge 15 years of coaching experience. These lessons will change your life and your partner’s perception of you, forever. You can have the sex you crave, the relationship you need and the love you deserve - not by denying your masculinity, but by embracing it fully!

You’ll wish you had read Open Her years ago!

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Wondering why your partner lost her desire?

In my 20 years of coaching men, I’ve uncovered 3 Big Mistakes (that almost all men make) that unknowingly kill attraction and desire. Discover what these 3 Big Mistakes are in my eBook Reignite Her Passion, and how to eradicate them from your sex life, forever! This information is so vital to a healthy, happy relationship, that I give it away for free!

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