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If you aren´t enjoying an abundant and satisfying sex life that makes you feel proud as a man, and if you don´t know that you´re respected and desired, sharpening your Sword with real insights and skills, will be important and life-changing.

Men often think they can guess at sexual Swordsmanship or barely work out their Swords and have an amazing sex life. They think sexual leadership skills are innate. Or they expect the woman to open herself!

But what they discover (often painfully) is that they´re lost and confused when their partners resist lovemaking, and have no idea what direction or stand to take to turn it around.


My coaching clients are often confused as to why their feminine partners don’t trust them.

They’re hard-working, honest and faithful guys… and yet time and again, they hear, “I don’t trust you,” and it cuts to the core…

If this is you, you know that it affects everything --- your confidence, your well-being, your energy. No man wants to feel that his partner lacks confidence in him…

It throws everything off!

And, of course, it affects your feminine partner’s desire to play, touch and to make love...