Restoring The Sword Course


Restoring the Sword is an essential teaching for clearing sexual obstacles and claiming true sexual power.

We dive into the core principles a man wants to embody to express a confident, unwavering sexual leadership.


  • Cut away self-diminishing behaviors
  • Command a woman’s sexual respect
  • Eliminate her sexual shaming
  • Express powerful boundaries
  • Overcome neediness and desperation
  • Gain trust, express an irresistible leadership

If you consistently deal with a woman's lack of trust or desire, you have what I call a ¨weak Sword.¨ This essentially means you lack skills for how to cut through emotional blocks, hers and your own…

The Sword represents your mental focus, skill and power.

A weak, dull Sword gets dull results! It will not inspire, nor cut through sexual debris.

Most men falter in their Swordsmanship because of a lack of basic, essential skills. You can wield a ¨Sword¨ erratically or you can wield it with skill, to get real, replicable results.

In Restoring the Sword you will learn skills most men fumble with all of their lives --- such as how to express sexual confidence and dignity and how to be an inspiring sexual invitation.


  • Culture shaming
  • Lack of training and skill
  • Continuous rejections from a partner

If you aren´t enjoying an abundant and satisfying sex life that makes you feel proud as a man, and if you don´t know that you´re respected and desired, sharpening your Sword with real insights and skills, will be important and life-changing.

Men often think they can guess at sexual Swordsmanship or barely work out their Swords and have an amazing sex life. They think sexual leadership skills are innate. Or they expect the woman to open herself!

But what they discover (often painfully) is that they´re lost and confused when their partners resist lovemaking, and have no idea what direction or stand to take to turn it around.

If this is you, you are not alone. For most men, understanding these skills is not intuitive, nor is good training readily available.

We will address everything that underlies this issue, and pave the way for a powerful leadership to emerge in you. This will change how you look and feel to a woman, in very positive ways.

Sexual confidence is not about acting a certain way. It´s about coming from a place that is unshakable, a place that a woman can feel in her bones, and other positive places!

But how do you get there, when you feel so beaten down by failures and innumerable rejections? By learning to wield the Sword with intelligence and grace! This course is not comprehensive in the world of Swordsmanship. It´s a very powerful beginning and foundation. It´s your opportunity to remove the barriers to a high-level of leadership, and express yourself as a dignified lover. You can´t build upward unless you have something solid to build on.


Karen Brody is gifted with the ability to empower men. She has gone from the deepest pain and separation with the masculine, to someone who can empower a man to greatness. She has experienced, up close and personal, all of the dynamics she teaches --- loss of desire, anger toward men, sexual shame, depression and an inability to commit. And she is a highly skilled counselor and coach, with a background and her training in spiritual psychology.

Karen is truly brilliant and masterful at illuminating the inner workings of what makes a woman pull away and refuse you, what makes her not trust, not desire, not yearn for your masculine energy. Karen´s gift is her capacity to feel, and to feel you, and to interpret what is going on between you and your partner. She turns up the lights for a man, and helps him make sense of the woman he loves, and himself – so that he can lead with confidence.

It is Karen´s belief that a powerful man is a good man ---because he loves and respects himself and what he´s here in the world to do. He´s able to bring an inspired leadership to love and to the whole of his life. As a lover, he understands his own nature, that of a woman´s and can do the dance of sexual loving with heart and depth.

Karen Brody has been a Man Coach for 20 years and is the Best-Selling Author of Open Her, Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse your Woman´s Love & Desire and Reignite Her Passion.

What People Are Saying

I decided to take Restoring the Sword because my marriage, my sex life, hell, myself were all out of whack. I’d been trying to rebuild trust in my marriage and part of that hoping to lead to a better sex life with my wife.

I learned more things in this class than I can safely write here. I learned that having my wife be the gatekeeper of sex, that giving her my power, that allowing her to diminish my masculine sexuality – all of this has led to a dynamic that is not healthy or happy for either of us. I learned to embrace my natural desires and urges and take a stand for having a sexual marriage. 

I’d recommend this course and Karen because she shares what women really want and need and how they think about sex and our masculinity. It’s like she is a double agent, playing for both teams. My life would have been much happier and fulfilling if I would have known the teachings of her course years ago.

Steve B.

I didn’t anticipate discovering such an empowering vision for what marriage can be --beyond what I had previously hoped for. Restoring the Sword has opened my eyes to what it can mean to be powerful in my masculinity and to bring directionality.  Material such as the principles of seduction were beautiful.  It feels like a treasure-trove of insight from years of experience.

I really appreciate all the work that went into condensing this into such an impactful course and the courage it must take to put such personal material together.

Gerry D.

I still can’t believe how much I learned from a woman about my masculinity and what’s going on inside my wife’s head. I am slapping my forehead for all the things I didn’t see and didn’t understand. It’s as if Karen has given me a map to a whole new world. I highly recommend Restoring the Sword if you and your partner are feeling distant or sexually disconnected. I feel hope and I haven’t felt that in a very long time.

Thomas A.

I took Karen’s class because I needed to better understand sexual shaming from the masculine perspective and how to eliminate its impact.

What I learned is how I was un-intentionally bargaining for sex and how distasteful that came across to my lover.

I'd recommend Restoring the Sword, and Karen, because Karen is able to articulate in a respectful, yet firm and inspiring way how our actions as men come across to women.

Jim D.

Course Details

4 Video Classes (each designed for deep transformation)

Private Facebook Group to Connect with current students and graduates of Restoring the Sword.

Access to Karen’s Live Q & A events, hosted MOST Fourth Tuesdays of every month (except when Karen is on writing sabbatical). Get on Live, and get questions answered.