Is your masculinity in neutral?

I teach men how to harness their masculine powers; but, until you feel masculine power deep in your bones, it’s all a bunch of ideas and words.

I’d love to help you access and wield those powers — so that you can affect a woman’s deepening love and desire, in ways that make you feel incredible as a man.

If you lie in bed at night and wonder how you got here, (maybe it’s sexless marriage or virtually sexless one) how you became a “yes man”, or someone whose needs don’t seem to matter to anyone around you, I want to show you the way of your power, and teach you to grab the leadership reins and take a woman where she secretly yearns to go.

Being passive doesn’t cut it – not for a man who wants complete integrity and personal power in all areas of his life. Refusing to step up and lead in love, only takes you down a path of diminishing fun, pleasure and desire – and for many men, divorce.

I can’t tell you how many men have come to me after seven or 10 years of no connection and no sexual intimacy with their wives only to be awakened in a single session to an incredible sense of power and possibility.

If you’re truly out of ideas and tired of the same dead ends in your relationship, let’s talk about how you can turn things around, without compromising who you are – and emerge feeling better about yourself than you have in a very long time.