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What People Are Saying

When I decided to work with Karen, I was wandering and desperate in my marriage, and in a lot of pain and confusion about why I couldn’t manifest the kind of partnership I desired. What Karen helped me do is learn how to reclaim my agency and power, not just in my marriage, but in all of my relationships.

Our work together has also had many other positive repercussions for me, and has set in motion things that are expanding the opportunities in my life personally, physically, sexually, romantically and even professionally.

Before I met Karen, I had a difficult time understanding exactly what it meant to create a safe and inviting “space” for my wife to connect with me. Working with Karen helped me identify some of my wife’s unique needs and helped me create a positive chemistry that has helped rekindle our relationship.


Your guidance, teachings, delving questions, and homework has given me perspective and tools to feel confident in what I do and who I am.


Karen’s way of working is calm, soothing, beautifully concise, practical, knowledgeable, and fun! Exploring and developing myself has become a pleasure since working with Karen.


Just being around her is intoxicating for the soul. She helped me find my true self. I would recommend Karen to anyone that wants to discover the power in who they are and find a partner.


Karen helped me access my inner strength and confidence and direction and to feel better than I have in years. I’d recommend Karen if you’d like to take the lead in our life and your relationships.

I’d recommend working with Karen if you are interested in learning how to become a better ANYTHING! A better partner, colleague, parent, friend, whatever.

Karen is insightful, kind, tough, and loving. I've long ago learned not to anticipate how she'll view whatever situation is in front of me.

I'd recommend Karen because she is full of empathy, a lovely woman in every way. She listens with her heart and will help you to feel safe so you can really dive deep and grow in understanding.

I reached out to Karen after reading her book “Open Her” for the third time.  There had been a lot of frustration with my wife, particularly over our sexual relationship. Karen is really easy to talk to.  Her insights and guidance have been life changing.  She’s given me a clear path to follow. Karen has helped me embrace my masculine power, become a better leader, and deepened my romance with my wife.  I’m so glad I made the commitment to work with Karen as my coach.  OPEN HER turned out to be about “opening me” as well.


Open Her Book


A valuable gem for both men and women to understand and relate to each other more deeply.

A Masterpiece of insight, to Help Men Understand the Women they Love…

Hey men, you want to understand women? Read this book and apply the information to your life.

Best book on mature masculinity and attraction from a woman’s perspective.


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