Ask for Her Input, You Need it

Why should you ask for her input?  It may infuriate you that your woman’s insight into relationships and people’s emotional states is more highly attuned than yours. It may not make a lot of sense to you when your woman says she doesn’t feel good about somebody, or when she explains that your mother-in-law’s mood was triggered by your refusal to eat cake. But if you deny her input and her wisdom on these matters, it’s like breathing through a mask with the air supply cut off.

Can you imagine having a wing-man you didn’t trust? A woman is your emotional and spiritual wingman. She sees your blind spots. She senses when you’re in danger. She’s like a thermometer in terms of giving you the temperature of how you’re coming across to others. She lets you know when you’re kidding yourself, when you’re holding back, when you’re not in alignment with your truth. You need her watching out for you, just as she needs you. Denying her insights, her perspectives and wisdom is as dangerous as ignoring your wing man when he says, “bear right.”

Where it concerns what to say in sensitive situations, who to befriend, how to deal with your children’s hurt–your woman is generally more attuned than you to what the situation calls for. But it’s not just the relational plane that women see clearly. Don’t limit your woman’s input by thinking her insight only applies to family or personal relationships.

When you need a read on how to negotiate with anyone—whether it’s your mother, your boss, or your employees, it’s a really good idea to take in what your woman senses and sees. Where it concerns the unseen realm of feeling and unconscious desires, it’s like she’s got the radar and you’re just flying the plane.

Your woman helps remind you of what’s most important. When you deny yourself this vital information, you misstep and step on toes, most especially hers. Asking for her input makes her feel trusted and respected. And even if it’s only to consider what she has to say and roll it into the mix, it lets her know you value her feminine wisdom, and that you’re not afraid to shift your way of thinking. From a woman’s perspective, this makes you look both powerful and trustworthy.