When she Asks: Why Do You Love Me?

When you say, “I love you,” a question pops into your woman’s head. That question is: Why?

Sometimes she’ll outright ask, and you panic. You know why you love her, but do you really need to spell it out and prove it to her? It feels like a test, and one you’re not likely to pass.

Know this: Women don’t ask, “Why do you love me?” to challenge you or make you feel bad, although it can certainly feel that way. The reason women ask this is that specifics are what make your love believable to us.

“I love you” doesn’t satisfy our need to be seen deeply, and appreciated, and it doesn’t satisfy our need to stand out as one of a kind for you – to be that special being in your heart and mind.

“I love you” is beautiful and very much desired. But if you generously sprinkle in the specific whys, your partner will have a much easier time drinking in “I love you” and taking it to heart.

There are 3 key ways to say I love you with specificity:

1. What she does, as in “I love how you take care of me.”

2. Who she is, as in “I love that you’re such a creative, brilliant woman”

3. How she looks, as in “I love the radiance of your smile. It always makes me feel good.”

Get specific and you’ll notice that her trust in your love will deepen.