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My coaching clients are often confused as to why their feminine partners don’t trust them.

They’re hard-working, honest and faithful guys… and yet time and again, they hear, “I don’t trust you,” and it cuts to the core…

If this is you, you know that it affects everything --- your confidence, your well-being, your energy. No man wants to feel that his partner lacks confidence in him…

It throws everything off!

And, of course, it affects your feminine partner’s desire to play, touch and to make love...

If you’re like a lot of my clients, when you hear “I don’t trust you,” you get busy trying to do whatever you can to become solid, again, in her eyes…

But this rarely works…

It rarely works because trust isn’t restored by seeking to please her! 

It’s restored by being solid from the inside out!

Being dutiful and spinning your wheels feels inauthentic and not powerful and kills trust ---

Discover: How you can be a Rock-Solid Guy in Six Dimensions of Trust that really matter in a woman’s world…

That Rock Her in all the right ways --

And it happens by being the kind of man you want to be --- consistent, confident, clear and directed – and sensitive to her HIDDEN needs…

Not cheating and being there in her life, just isn't enough ---not if you want her wholehearted trust and surrender---


  • How to use the power of who you are to win her complete trust, again and again

  • How to offer the power of your word to rock her heart and her ongoing desire

  • How to be trustworthy from the only place that truly matters

  • Why disguising sexual desires sets off her alarm bells and intense mistrust

  • How to speak to her feminine heart, and overcome fear and resistance

  • Why heroic gestures are the ultimate proof you can be trusted!


Karen Brody is gifted with the ability to empower men. She has gone from the deepest pain and separation with the masculine, to someone who can empower a man to greatness. She has experienced, up close and personal, all of the dynamics she teaches --- loss of desire, anger toward men, sexual shame, depression and an inability to commit. And she is a highly skilled counselor and coach, with a background and her training in spiritual psychology.

Karen is truly brilliant and masterful at illuminating the inner workings of what makes a woman pull away and refuse you, what makes her not trust, not desire, not yearn for your masculine energy. Karen´s gift is her capacity to feel, and to feel you, and to interpret what is going on between you and your partner. She turns up the lights for a man, and helps him make sense of the woman he loves, and himself – so that he can lead with confidence.

It is Karen´s belief that a powerful man is a good man ---because he loves and respects himself and what he´s here in the world to do. He´s able to bring an inspired leadership to love and to the whole of his life. As a lover, he understands his own nature, that of a woman´s and can do the dance of sexual loving with heart and depth.

Karen Brody has been a Man Coach for 20 years and is the Best-Selling Author of Open Her, Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse your Woman´s Love & Desire and Reignite Her Passion.

Course Details

9 Video Lessons on the Six Dimensions of Trust.


Homework assignments and considerations for each Lesson.


Quizzes to test your knowledge.


Access to Karen Brody (your instructor) by email to answer




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