Got Integrity? The Secret For Better Sex.

You may have noticed I´m talking a lot about trust this month! I think it´s super sexy. And I think that men who have integrity, get more sex! So… give these concepts some thought, and if you’re in a relationship, this is a perfect time to build trust — given the state of the world. Make a woman feel safe, and she naturally relaxes and opens her heart to you.

The Sage Archetype (from my book OPEN HER) creates an unbreakable trust with a woman.  Most men don’t recognize how important trust is in their relationships.  What a man says and does are the building blocks of trust, action by action, day by day!

Look at it this way: You may not think that being trustworthy has anything to do with your sex life — because it doesn´t occur to men that feeling safe gives way to a woman´s free expression of her desire and pleasure. But take trust away, and she cannot enjoy herself in bed with you, period. 

The best modern day example of The Sage is Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars films.  Obi-Wan keeps his word, trusts what he knows and does the right thing – seemingly always. Others from across the galaxy seek his powerful wisdom.  What man on some level doesn’t already want to be Obi-Wan Kenobi?  Particularly if it can make his woman unleash herself to him, emotionally and sexually?  

Why does The Sage hold such power with a woman?  Her trust is an endorsement of your consistency and caring.  It’s like a passport to take her somewhere that she’s never been, leading to a deeper connection and profound lovemaking. 

Evolved couplehood, where trust is front and center, means that you want what is best for your partner — regardless of how it will affect you, personally. Think about that for a moment.  You want what’s best for them, even if that´s a life without you.  That’s the definition of deep, unconditional love, right? Imagine the quality of trust that evolves out of that. 

The Sage´s sex appeal lies in the fact that he will (almost) always do the right thing. The right thing is usually not the easy thing. Think Obi Wan Kenobi. But his willingness to do it anyway, makes him trustworthy to the feminine — as he is a protector and a man of action. 

I once dated a man named Brian.  He taught me the meaning of real trust. I never had really trusted a man fully until that point in my life.  About three years into our relationship, he started traveling quite a bit for work.  I suddenly found myself doubting his every move and word.  I was worried that he was playing with other women as he traveled. 

When I mustered up the courage to discuss this with Brian, he explained that he was choosing to be monogamous with me because that’s what he wanted.  Wherever he was in the world, he would apply his own choice.  And suddenly, I felt him as the most powerful man in the world.  He wasn´t faithful to me out of duty, but out of choice. This conversation deepened my love and respect for him instantly.  

I want to leave you with one last thought.  Trust is 100% an inside job.  It’s about what you do daily to strengthen the integrity of who you are as a man. Do you trust yourself? 

It’s about developing your power by choosing to align what you do with what you say and what matters to you.  You will work at this daily, but your woman and you will both receive the gift and teachings of that work!  The Sage can lead a woman to places she’s never been with this deep- rooted trust! 

Are you a man you can call high-integrity? One way to know is to ask your partner, how well do you trust me? Or ask the women in your life, if you´re single. 

You can read more about The Sage and other archetypes in my book OPEN HER which can be purchased here.  I´m looking to boost Summer sales, perhaps you can buy a copy for a friend who could really use a bit more inner SAGE! 

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