Is your Love Life in the Weeds?

A relationship is just like a garden. When it’s well-tended to, a garden blooms into a thing of wonder. It delights and surprises you with endless possibility. On the other hand, when a garden is ignored or begrudgingly maintained, it survives, but its beauty and its potentiality are greatly diminished.

I’m often astonished at how many of my clients expect their relationships to be gardens of wonder and sensual possibility, when they devote so little time or energy to their care. So many of them barely pull out the watering can on the weekend, and then look around years later and judge that their relationship is “not working,” as if love and passion can thrive on an occasional drop of attention or intention.

If you’re looking at your loving partnership and thinking it’s not what you hoped it would be, or that there’s something better for you “out there,” have you considered your gardening skills? Have you tended to your love consistently and with inspired action? Have you weeded out negativity, blame, criticizing, and other unloving behaviors? Have you committed to grow love by becoming better at it? By learning the skills that breed success?

Love is either evolving or it’s dying. Stagnation is love’s worst enemy.

The beautiful thing about passion and love is that they are so responsive and forgiving, all you need to do is seed, water and weed and it blooms!

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