What makes a man truly sexy?

I’m often surprised by how little men understand women and what they’re attracted to in men.

Of course, if you’re a man, you look at the world through a masculine lens. When you see beauty, your kind of beauty, it compels you – it motivates you to move mountains or to walk through fire — to experience that woman and what she stirs in you.

And so you expect that women seek the same in men – and while women also are drawn to beauty, even seduced by it, we’re far more drawn to confidence. We’ll drop the phone to saddle up with a man who rocks his confidence!

I’ve put together a list of my top 5 ways to be sexier as a man, to remind you that it’s not about the size of your muscles or your good looks, as much as it is about how you make a woman feel.

When you make a woman feel her femininity coming alive inside her, when you make her feel soft, protected, cared for, and passionately desired, you become irresistible in her eyes. Being handsome is great, but it can’t stir the desire the way rock-solid confidence can!

Check out my top 5 list, how do you rate from 1 to 5?

  1. You have a powerful voice. You know what matters to you, and you’re not afraid to say so. You stand for the things you love. You’re not afraid to be unpopular, if it means defending what is important.
  2. You know how to make things happen. Whether it’s an evening out or a family event, or you know how to put something into motion and pull it off with energy and confidence.
  3. You know how to drop into a deep, unpolluted presence and express your desire for a woman without having to say a word.
  4.  You handle problems with focus and determination and know you’re bigger than any problem or circumstance you have.
  5. You own your sexuality. It’s a complete and integrated part of you. You don’t chase sex. Sex comes to you!

Notice how different sexy is for women?