How to Raise your Masculine Frequency…

I keep hearing stories about how the “toxic masculine” labeling of men is destroying men and their masculinity.

At the risk of seeming insensitive, I’m questioning whether it’s the label destroying men, or men destroying themselves by aligning with it?

Without delving into how this thought weapon came about, I think we can agree that labeling men as toxic is devastating for men, and a great loss for women.

And, if you have sons, you don’t want them buying into this thought weapon and being damaged by it.

It’s important that we look at how to dismantle this force and render it powerless.

The idea, “toxic masculinity” can’t proliferate unless it’s fed, unless a whole lot of men take it on and energize it.

Young men these days are feeding the force, by rejecting themselves, and by relinquishing hope for healthy sex and love.

Married men feed the force by repressing their sexual power, and by buying into sexless relationships.

To dismantle this idea and render it powerless, men need to stop energizing it all together. Toxic masculinity? What in the hell is that?

This is the perfect time to raise your energetic frequency and deny this idea energy, and make it go away

You can ponder questions that are elevating to your spirit that leave no room for negativity, such as…

What is Masculine Love?

What is Masculine Joy? 

What is Masculine Pride?

And, lastly, don’t forget: Don’t feed the monster!

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