Part 3: Do you Stand up or Back Down?

In my past two communications, I shared two ways that a woman measures power – self-respect and knowing what you want.

Too many guys don’t get this, and so they communicate like beggars, rather than compelling lovers.

Women will always express sexual resistance – at some point – because they feel unloved, not appreciated or not seen.
Being able to move a woman through this resistance is a power and an important skill.

And it is the THIRD way that a woman measures your power – by your willingness and confidence stand for sex, in the right way, and for the right reasons.

Shame gets in the way of a lot of guys standing up and causes them to back down – and to become passive and needy.

I talk about this in detail here in this video – AND, what you can do about it.

You have to know what to stand for, and believe in sex, to stand up.

This is impossible to do if you feel bad or wrong, sexually. Or believe, deep down, that what you bring and want is an imposition.

Shame causes a man to act in ways that, frankly, do nothing more than reinforce a negative image of himself.
And over time… it just gets worse! He digs himself into a deeper and deeper hole.

I love helping a man short-circuit this unnecessary heartache and years more of spinning his wheels, by turning up the lights on how to embody a dignified, confident sexuality, he can be proud of.

So, are you, personally, ready to shift all this – for good? Because I can teach you how.

The Sword represents commitment – strength, resolve, cutting away what doesn’t work and claiming what does.

It means being able to penetrate a woman with your masculine GIFT. By renouncing all of these damaging ideas and behaviors – for good!

Restoring the Sword, will begin on May 11.

I encourage you to be there, if you are going through any of this.

Discover how TO:

  • Cut away self-diminishing behaviors
  • Command a woman’s sexual respect
  • Eliminate her sexual shaming
  • Express powerful boundaries
  • Overcome neediness and desperation
  • Gain trust, express an irresistible leadership

Restoring the Sword is a 4-week course that includes a Live Q & A with me and email access to me throughout, to ask your key questions.

Discover how to come from the right place and stop spinning your wheels!

The details are HERE FOR YOU.

If you have questions, simply respond to this communication.

I hope to see you there.

P.S. This course is self-paced, so don’t worry about time or time zones.

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