If you Believe you’ve Tried Everything…. (this is for you)

One of the biggest ways I know that men shoot themselves in the foot, is by believing that they’ve “tried everything” in their love lives, and it’s hopeless.

Every coaching client who has ever told me this, has been, forgive me – but wrong.

They’ve been wrong because…

a. Trying things is not doing them (in most cases)

b. What they’ve tried wasn’t helpful (and often harmful)

c. Their efforts were not genuinely committed (or correctly focused)

Know that I empathize with how bad it feels – that whatever efforts you’ve made have not been acknowledged, nor appreciated.

It’s a horrible feeling to feel unwanted, and I LOVE helping men overcome this state.

None of us are given an education on how sexual dynamics really work. We don’t learn about them until sex dies, or we’re looking divorce in the face.

However, …. if we open our eyes and are willing to look at things very differently than we ever thought they were, worlds can open up.

Searching the web and trying things out on your partner, is not the same as studying sexual dynamics with a real teacher – and working on your relationship and YOU, from the inside out.

Web searches cost you less, but the misses, and continuing disappointment costs you dearly.

By the time most men come to me for coaching, they’ve used this method to try and save their marriages for at least 5 years.

So… how is it that we can turn things around in as little as two weeks?

Because my clients finally see things they could not see through a MALE LENSE.

I open a man’s eyes to how a woman thinks and feels, which the male mind can often NOT perceive.

This, of course, makes a man feel great! He finally has POWER in the situation to affect the changes he most desires.

I want this for you, as well.

You can learn these wisdom principles, that I teach, for empowering men, in my course, “RESTORING THE SWORD,” which begins on May 11!

Here is what you will DISCOVER…

How TO:

  • Cut away self-diminishing behaviors
  • Command a woman’s sexual respect
  • Eliminate her sexual shaming
  • Express powerful boundaries
  • Overcome neediness and desperation
  • Gain trust and express an irresistible, sexual leadership
  • Restoring the Sword is a 4-week course that includes a Live Q&A and email access to me throughout, to ask your key questions.

The details are HERE FOR YOU.

Let’s help you see what you can’t see on your own, and make you the most powerful man you can be, sexually, regardless of what happens with you and your partner.

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