Reimagining Sex…Without Shame!

Check out my interview with Shana James, on her Man Alive podcast.

It’s a rich conversation on sex that you might find helpful. If you don´t know Shana, she´s also a coach for men!

Our talk is called Reimagining Men´s Sexuality, but we talk a lot about healing SHAME!

Karen Brody smiles

Here are some of the talking points:

  • Take a look at how your sexual relationships are harmed and shaped by shame
  • Discover a shame-free emotional and sexual connection looks and feels like
  • Understand a woman’s negative reactions to sex and inspire more positive ones
  • Discover what evokes more depth, play and sensuality from a woman
  • How to let go of the parts of you that perform and are afraid of rejection

Listen here on Apple podcasts or on her website.

When two women who love men get together to support you to have more and better love, connection and sex, you don’t want miss it!

And, when you’re done listening to this one, check out my first Man Alive podcast episode with Shana James: How to Transform a Sexless Relationship. You’ll love this one too!

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