This Robs Men of Power

There’s one thing that keeps men from being the bold leaders they want to be.

This one thing makes them overthink everything.

It paralyzes them to act.

It causes them to cower in fear.

What is this one thing?

Well, it’s not a tiger or a bear.

It’s not even death itself.

It’s rejection!

Yup, rejection.

I talk to men every day who will do anything to avoid this potentiality.

They will give up sex, affection, even love.

They will go mute and forget their preferences.

They’ll take abuse.

All in an effort to avoid this feeling.

Yes, rejection IS a feeling. And it’s a decision.

And what is the cost of this decision?

The cost is a man’s authenticity, real intimacy and his self-respect.

The fear of rejection, even the feeling of rejection, is real — if we chose it.

The question is: How do you Un-choose it? How do you stop letting rejection define you and your choices?

Well, you invest in something else, something more important. And you give that your fullest attention.

And, what is that — that you give your attention to?

You invest in being authentic and honest.

You make being authentic MORE important than avoiding rejection.

In other words, you put honesty ahead of fear.

You put truth ahead of compliance.

You put courage ahead of avoidance.

When you switch your internal commitment to being authentic, you invest in the love you want, rather than fear.

Your partner may continue to say “no,” or reject what you offer. But you can hold your head up high and know that you don’t let “rejection” define you.

And, even when someone shows up to turn you down, you chose to be who you are.

The only thing rejected is what you decide is rejected.

If you are real in the best way you know how, you stop the cycle of rejecting yourself. You show up as the whole YOU, instead of that fearful version of you.

This breaks the cycle and restores your power!

I’d love your input on this. I answer my email, personally. Do tell me how this lands with you.

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