Touch is not every man’s Love Language!

Thank you for chiming in on the love language discussion!

If you missed my questions to you about the Love Languages, it’s HERE to review:

What I learned from you is this…

There are many men out there whose primary love language is NOT touch.

Seems I work with a population of men who are starved for touch — often because they are starved for sex.

Then, this is interesting…

Nobody, thought any of the love languages were unmanly! Nice!

And… a couple of the best hypothesizes I received on touch for men, were these:


1.     That is because men are not touched enough as children, they develop a hunger for touch that outweighs other forms of receiving love

This made a lot of sense to me.

2.     Many guys said that touch is their love language, because it is a form of expressing love that can’t be faked. I found it very interesting that so many guys are concerned about someone faking love toward them!

3.     The most common hypothesis was this: That being touched by a woman means that she accepts you, and acceptance is the highest form of love! 

I absolutely agree.


Now, one of the issues with getting an accurate measurement from some, is that you look at the love languages and choose a preference, without understanding that your primary love language MUST communicate to you that you are LOVED.  

In other words, you may adore touch, but when it’s when someone performs an act of service that you genuinely feel loved.

Make sense?

I will close with a new hypothesis: That if men have a higher propensity for Touch as their primary love language, because of a lack of touch as children, then perhaps women have a lower propensity for choosing Touch as their primary, because so many received unwanted touch in their childhoods?

Any thoughts on this for the women tuning in? Comment below

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