3 Ways She Measures Your Power

If you could only get into a woman’s head and figure out how she thinks, life would be easier right?

Well, knowing how she measures your power is a key part of that.

It’s important because it’s how she (unconsciously) decides if you’re desirable, and IF she wants to have sex with you!

Pretty important, right?

I thought you might think so.

The bottom line is it’s hard for a woman to get turned on by a man she doesn’t view as powerful.

We’re hardwired to seek out men who can ensure our survival – a powerful man signals that to our brains.

And, what exactly does it mean to be a powerful man — from a woman’s point of view?

Over this next week, I’m going to share THREE KEY ways a woman measures your power, and what you can do about it.

One today, the other two upcoming…

The NUMBER ONE way she measures your power is: your own Self-Respect.

She measures your self-respect by how you treat yourself, and how well you communicate your boundaries.

A self-respecting guy takes good care of his health, and the business of his life. He expects to be treated respectfully and speaks up when he’s not.

Signs of low self-respect are consistently setting aside your own needs (for your partner’s): putting up with her unkind behavior and making excuses for her; allowing her to shut you out emotionally and sexually (without sufficient reason), and allowing her to slide on commitments to you and your relationship.

All these behaviors scream: Low self-respect. And naturally, they KILL her desire for you.

Many of the guys I coach think that the way to overcome a woman’s lack of desire and respect is to do more for HER.

This does not work!

It only conveys to her that you are OK with her bad behavior.

You can never change this dynamic until you develop and communicate Self-Respect.

In the next two communications, I will share with you the TWO other ways that a woman measures your POWER, and what you can do about it – to turn this to your advantage.

Also, I will be teaching Restoring the Sword again in May, for those of you who are ready to clean this up for good!

Stay tuned!

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