Can you Really Trust Her?

You need to trust a woman to be your best with her, period.

But if you’re like a lot of my clients, you’re too busy focused on your feminine partner’s need to trust you!

When do you have time to ask yourself if you trust her, or to consider how you’d even measure that trust?

Your needs are different from hers, in this regard, but what are they, exactly?

I think the most important question you can ask yourself as a man, concerning whether you can trust a woman is this:

Does she want you to win?  

A woman who genuinely cares for you, wants the best for you. She wants you to win with her, and in life. She may push you to be better, but her intention is that you succeed.


You can ask yourself: Does your partner’s pushing, insisting, and challenging you to be a better man have a positive-intended consequence?  Or does she seem to consistently create obstacles to you winning with her?

A great way to know this is to look at whether she celebrates your wins with you. Are your wins her wins? Or does she become distant, uninvolved, not impressed?

I remember the old days when I was very competitive with one particular man. I was raised to believe it was the only way to stand in my power with him.

I didn’t celebrate his wins, I poked fun of them, or judged him as needy, when he celebrated himself out loud. I felt threatened by his strength and where his wins might take him.

Now that I love being feminine as much as I do, I can’t imagine competing with my partner. It’s clearly a road of diminishing returns.

I believe that a woman who is competitive can overcome her fear of being with a strong man —and become supportive. But she’s got see how what’s she’s doing isn’t working and that it’s centered on fear.

What is your experience of this?

Can you trust that your woman wants you to win?

I’d love your comments and questions.

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