Do you grieve — for you?

Grief isn’t just about losing someone to death.

It’s about loss, period.

Many of my clients grieve for who they once were.

They long for the days when they were excited about life, and believed that anything was possible.

They long to have their confidence back, and the courage that made them unstoppable.

So, what happened to these guys? Where did the most-wanted parts of themselves go?


Responsibility almost always plays a big part in it — duties of being a husband and father, taking care of aging parents, or building financial security.

Imbalance is the biggest culprit of loss of joy — too much work, not enough play, insufficient space and rest.

That old excitement you once felt was centered on possibilities! And possibilities arise in a spacious, open mind – not one cluttered with noise and confusion.

The good news is that you’re just several meaningful breaths away from mental peace.

Your old self is telling you that it’s time for that, to pause, to take a deep look in the mirror ball of your life.

What are you missing?


Yearning to live or to create?

I suggest a big white board to jot it all down and play with the possibilities.

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