Hot Honest Sex…

If you were in my class with Shana James on how to talk about sex,

you know that we focused pretty intently on what I call, “convincing energy.”

Convincing energy sounds like you justifying why you deserve more sex.

Convincing energy sneaks in. You don’t always notice you’re offering it, and that’s why I want to bring it to your attention.

Convincing energy sounds like you’re building a case for why things are unfair, sexually, and why, if she were a good person, she’d give you sex!

I agree, that you do deserve sex, but not because you’ve been good or dutiful, or scratched her back. But because you are a human being and a man — and sex is part of how you express love.

In a nutshell, convincing her to have sex with you is simply not sexy or compelling.

Sure, you might get her to acquiesce out of guilt, but it won’t be satisfying for either of you.


Instead of convincing her to have sex, you want to discover how to ENTICE her.

Menus entice, when they’re well written. Movie trailers entice, when well done.

Pastries entice with their shapes and aromas. You, too, want to be enticing!

The most powerful way to entice is with your passion and desire, expressed openly. Tell her how you crave her. How you miss the softness of her skin, witnessing her eyes full of pleasure…

If you missed the class, and want more details on how to do this, you can get it HERE. A sexual invitation should feel good and irresistible, not like a deal you’re making.

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