Is your Woman Honest in bed? (Valentine’s Day Gift)

So many of my clients accept something less than honesty in their relationships, especially, concerning the bedroom. 

Why would anyone do that?  

They’re afraid of the truth and what it could mean for their lives. And, unfortunately, that fear keeps them locked in a pattern of half-truths and mediocre lovemaking.

The truth is incredibly liberating! I’ve seen so much evidence of this! 

I’ve witnessed couples get honest with each other for the first time in 20 years, and fall back in love and back in bed!

My friend, Shana James, the author of “Honest Sex,” talked with me about “How to know if your woman is being honest in bed, and what it means to enable dishonest sex,” and it was inspiring! 

We’ll also be looking at how you can turn this around. 

Check it out here (click the image below):  


Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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