One day til Valentine’s Day… Got Ideas?

Here is a list of fun Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break the bank, and that you can pull off quickly, or digitally.

Gift Certificates made by Hand (these are so sweet!)

***You can simply cut colored paper into rectangle shapes and write on them


Here are some ideas to include:

  • Foot bath with massage
  • Breakfast and coffee in bed
  • A full day to do whatever she wants, without the kids or household responsibilities
  •  Your handyman services for a morning
  • A sexual or sensual pleasure on-demand session
  • Dinner cooked by you
  • Half day of shopping and lunch
  • A surprise day-time adventure
  • bubble bath and champagne

Other ideas that are easily to pull together online:

*A weekend spa trip together

*A winery tour

*A dinner cruise

*A bike trip and overnight stay

*Day at the hot springs with massages

* Deep cleaning service for the house 

*Theater tickets

*Hire a gardener

*Fancy kitchen equipment, such as an espresso maker, air fryer or ice cream maker

*Hire a private chef for cooking lessons or a fun evening at home

*Weekend glamping experience

*Pedicures together

Hope you found these helpful.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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