What you Said about Being “In Love”

Last week I asked you, what is the difference between being “in love” and just loving someone?

In case you missed it, I often hear from my clients that they’re no longer “in love,” or their partners are not in love with them, causing me to wonder what being in love really means to them.

Many of you said that being “in love” is when you’re in it, no questions asked. I love this response, as it seems that the less you question love, the more you love!

Some said, in a variety of ways, that being “in love” is when you give without quantifying. In other words, you’re not asking: what have you done for me, lately?

Many said, that it’s when they’re enchanted and amazed by the person in front of them. The good news is you can feel this whenever you decide to!

Others said it’s a kind of magic…

Most admitted that they felt “in love” at the beginning of the relationship and that, that feeling faded. I received a lot of sad stories concerning this, from guys who were wistful about that period in their lives.

My question is:  Is it actually sad that we stop feeling “in love,” or is it exactly what’s meant to happen?

In other words, perhaps the “in love” feeling is designed to transport us into real love, with sufficient good will and excitement.

And if we didn’t think that being “in love” would last, perhaps we wouldn’t long for it upon its disappearance, but instead, appreciate that it served its purpose and imparted its magic.

Some thoughts for your consideration.

Thank you so much for your responses!

I loved hearing your voices on this.

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