This could save your relationship…

Too often when a woman wants to leave a man it’s because she doesn’t feel seen or understood by him.


Meaning: he doesn’t get or appreciate who she is.


How does she measure this and know this, for certain?


You misunderstand her – way too often.


What she wants confuses you.


What she doesn’t want confuses you.


You basically do not get her.


And why is that, that you don’t get her?


Well, there can be a lot of reasons. Let’s take a look at just a few…


  • You can’t make space for anything that is counter to how YOU are.
  • You spend more time trying to change her, than to understand how she actually is
  • Your judgments of her blind you to seeing who she really is


So, what to do? And how to save that relationship of yours?




Dedicate yourself to understanding her. Ask questions instead of guessing or assuming what she means. Pretend you don’t know her at all, because you likely don’t.


Make it your mission to really understand…


*What matters to her (in life, in your relationship)

*What does she need, exactly, to call your relationship a success

*What she does not want (what upsets her and derails her trust in the two of you?)

*What is she afraid of?

*What is she most wanting to achieve in her life?

* What are her dreams?


If you simply focus on getting really clear on these questions and then acting on them positively, you can overcome her sense that you don’t understand her.


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