What are you plugging into? (is it real?)

Last week I talked about how a man can become single-minded about sex.

In other words, he can view sex, and his partner, as his only avenue for plugging into life.

If he’s seriously drained of lifeforce, he’ll see his partner and her vagina as the ultimate SOURCE.

Of course, this isn’t good. You don’t want to see a woman as the ultimate source. That’s for nature, God or the universe.

Yes, a woman is a source of energy, but not the SOURCE.

When men are desperate, and empty inside, and they can’t hook up with a woman, they tend to go to sources that are immediate and easy, and that are often not true sources.

In other words, they go to fixes to get re-energized.

One of those is PORN.

Now, before you get defensive, I have no interest in telling you what to do if porn is a source for you.

But I will say this: I think it’s important to look at what our “sources” are and decide if they’re real — and if they actually give energy.

Is porn a real source, for you? Or a fix?

Well, let’s test that out. Does it truly fill you?

Does it take away the emptiness?

Connect you to life itself?

If yes, it’s a good source.

But porn usually doesn’t do that, according to what men tell me. it feels good in the moment, then bad in the end. That’s not a good source.

Is sugar a good source?

Well, does it take away the emptiness, or fill you with life? Probably not.

Instead, like porn, it feels great in the moment, then drains you of life force energy, with feelings of guilt and shame, or diminishing health.

So, if certain “sources” drain you, what are the sources that fill you? Is it being creative in meaningful ways, is it being encircled by trees? Prayer or meditation? High-energy food consumed with love?  Listening to inspiring music? Going to Temple or Church?

What are your sources – that, for you, are real and true?


I suggest you make a short list and then measure those things on your list against the questions I pose below…

*Does it fill you?

*Relive the emptiness?

*Connect you to life itself?

If yes, get more of that!

I’d love to hear what your sources are. 😊

Simply send me an email! I answer my mail, personally.

2 thoughts on “What are you plugging into? (is it real?)”

  1. God is ultimate source of love ,creation ,creativity ,sustainibilty and courage for me to do right things in life . Like save and nurture my family and realtionships , gods love give me power and energy yo do care about other humanbeings and this beautiful earth

  2. Connecting to nature, usually the ocean. Physical exertion to exhaustion. Quiet contemplation. And (this may be a touch idiosyncratic) math.

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